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[audio]Radio Plays by Jerry Modjeski - Jerry Modjeski
DICK FUTURE & HIS DANCING STOOL: A talking grub worm who sounds like JFK has presidential ambitions. Featuring the talents of Charles Brin, Leigh Bowser, Andy Schultz, Chris Waterbury, Greg Mathieson, Bernard Olson, Miriam Stonehill, Peter Stenshoel, Kay Kirscht, Chris Smith, Mark Masyga, Chuck Isle, original music by Bat Lenny. Broadcast on "Electric Coffee," November 5, 1984, KFAI Minneapolis St.Paul...
Keywords: Dick Future; radio play; Grand Rapids Radio Players; Jerry Modjeski; Charles Brin; Bat Lenny; Gene Traas; Michael Packer; The Blank; ScorchedEar; Leigh Bowser; Electric Coffee; Andy Schultz; Kay Kirscht; Peter Stenshoel; Mark Masyga; Chuck Isle; Chris Smith
Downloads: 30
[audio]Mechanical Spider Clinic, Volume 2 - Jerry Modjeski
Mysterious black & white MSC posters promoted the program's "dark humor": Mr. Rogers' Rear Window paints a paranoid, not-so brave new world; Ken Dresher's Room For Rent comically describes a twisted one. Typical Clinic compartments: bogus buyer-beware advice; Life with Lazlo Morbid, anti-social cretin; "Touch" Skogmo, working stiff's low wage saint & co-worker Tim, wisecracking sinner gone to wooden extremity; TV Guise gives pause buttons to couch potatoes...
Keywords: The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Jerry Modjeski; Andy Schultz; Diana Swan; Leigh Bowser; KFAI; Bat Lenny; ScorchedEar; Ken Dresher; Brian Anderson; satire; comedy; The Green Hornet; Bob Rynkiewicz; Mark Masyga; Chuck Isle; Rob Shapiro; fake ads; TV Guise; Mr. Rogers
Downloads: 43
[audio]Heroes & Villains - Jerry Modjeski
Captain Bamboo Steamer and his wise cracking first mate Tugg Neato set sail for parts unknown; I Love Danger, Action, Murder and Keen Stuff Like That features the exploits of far-off adventurers Ace & Chubby; The Mummy's Hand-Stand is a movie spoof as the evil fez-topped Professor Andojeb uses the Mummy against heroes Steve & Noob; The commandos of The Scuba Patrol battle Count Dracula, Santa Claus and a trampoline; Earth Versus the Flying Dorseys, big band leaders oppose The Squares who want to...
Keywords: Heroes & Villains; The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Another Flask of Weird; Bamboo Steamer; Danny Phantom; The Scuba Patrol; ScorchedEar; Jimmy Dorsey; Tommy Dorsey; comedy; Dracula; Santa Claus; Brian Anderson; Mark Masyga; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; Andy Schultz; Blanche Fubar; Charles Brin; Rob Shapiro; ZXQ Universe; The Musical Transportation Spree; Alice Phoenix; Peter Stenshoel; Damon Mathews
Downloads: 101
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird, October 30, 1982 - Jerry Modjeski
Quirky wake-up radio from Mpls KFAI. Jerry solo, pre-Election Day & Halloween, re-presented with spooky remix. With Eddie Burger's Jazz All-Star Wrestling Show, ads for "Ma & Ra Kettle Go to Jupiter"; Swing Hoist Meat Cookie; Chez Bob's Detail Recount Store Halloween '82; Muckrackers. Jerry reads Ken Nordine poetry; records by The Ventures, Paul Horn, Bob & Ray, Si Zentner, Gentle Giant, Buddy Emmons, Gary McFarland, Steve Kuhn, Ry Cooder...
Keywords: ScorchedEar; Sun Ra; Gary McFarland; Steve Kuhn; Paul Horn; Bob & Ray; Si Zentner; Ry Cooder; Andy Schultz; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; Ken Nordine; Gentle Giant; fake ads; Johnny Fields; The Ventures; Buddy Emmons; Halloween; Eddie Berger; KFAI; Another Flask of Weird; Minneapolis
Downloads: 39
[audio]UFO Update: The Real Men in Black - Jerry Modjeski
The MIB experiences of Bob (The Andreasson Affair) Luca; John (Mothman Prophecies) Keel; Albert K. Bender (Flying Saucers and the 3 Men); Jim Dilettoso; Peter Stenshoel. Produced by Jerry Modjeski (www.scorchedear.com) for The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI (Mpls-St. Paul), and featuring the talents of Mike Nilsson, La Sonorite Jaune, Craig Lang.
Keywords: Craig Lang; UFO Update; Betty Andreasson; Bob Luca; John Keel; Albert Bender; Men in Black; MIBs; ScorchedEar; Peter Stenshoel; Mike Nilsson; Jerry Modjeski; The Musical Transportation Spree; KFAI; Jim Dilettoso; La Sonorite Jaune; Mothman Prophecies; Flying Saucers; aliens; abductions; paranormal
Downloads: 898
[audio]Mechanical Spider Clinic, Volume 4 - Jerry Modjeski
TV courtroom drama of Perry Mason spoofed; Bio of misunderstood musician's rise & fall in "Young Man With a Golden Tuba." Final chapters of Skogmo & spin-off "13th Floor Elevator." TV Guise by Jerry & Co. Ads for The Personal Flamboyance Device; Spin-Around Hank's; Neal R. Weewee's Rock n' Roll Wigwam; Quaking Otis. Aired 1986 KFAI, Minneapolis St. Paul, featuring the talents of Rob Shapiro, Blanche Fubar, Chuck Isle, Andy Schultz, Diana Swan, Leigh Bowser, Mark Masyga, Peter Stenshoel, Bob Rynk...
Keywords: The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Little City in Space; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI; ScorchedEar; satire; Andy Schultz; Blanche Fubar; Rob Shapiro; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; Bob Rynkiewicz; Peter Stenshoel; Bat Lenny; Diana Swan; Leigh Bowser; TV Guise; fake ads; Perry Mason; The Toy Lovers
Downloads: 70
[audio]The Pylons - Jerry Modjeski
Mockumentary of a fictitious instrumental surf-rock band from Wyoming, The Fabulous Pylons, with smash hits "Windshield Crack" and "Walkin' the Ten Foot Viaduct," set into concrete a Pylon sound "as hard-driving as my asphalt spreader," in the words of rock historian Dave Marshmallow (The Village Hoist). Humorous masquerade assisted by members of actual Minnesota bands The Revtunes, The Thunderbats, Subject to Change, and New England's only banjo surf-rock group The Illusions...
Keywords: The Pylons; instrumental; surf rock; Minnesota bands; The Mechanical Spider Clinic; The Revtunes; Subject to Change; Chuck Isle; Ken Dresher; Rob Shapiro; Peter Stenshoel; Jerry Lejman; Bill Bader; The Thunderbats; ScorchedEar; Jerry Modjeski; Leigh Bowser
Downloads: 88
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 08 13 1983 - Jerry Modjeski
While partner Chuck Isle was away in Scranton, Pennsylvania, this AFOW solo show hosted by Jerry Modjeski featured records by Chet Atkins, Object Lessons, Buddy Morrow, Sauter-Finegan, Dusty Springfield, Chick Corea & Gary Burton, Edgar Varese, Jason & The Scorchers, Link Wray, XTC. Sponsored by Little Dan, a method of coffee. Thanks to Brian Anderson. KFAI, Minneapolis aircheck captures Johnny Fields' Good n' Country with two Jimmy Day instrumentals.
Keywords: another flask of weird; scorchedear; KFAI; Brian Anderson; Chet Atkins; Object Lessons; Link Wray; Jason & The Scorchers; XTC; Buddy Morrow; Sauter-Finegan; Dusty Springfield; Chick Corea; Gary Burton; Edgar Varese; collage; sound collage; Johnny Fields; Jimmy Day; jerry modjeski; chuck isle
Downloads: 31
[audio]The Platter Party Part Three - Jerry Modjeski
Third and concluding part of records about records. Dialog between two record collectors making a deal from TV's Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Eugene Chadbourne wails the sad saga behind "Used Record Pile" backed up with The Eddie Chatterbox Double Trio; and a reprise of "The Power of a 45" by Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys to the fade-out for The Platter Party. This portion was not part of the original broadcast...
Keywords: ScorchedEar; records; disc jockeys; hi-fi; stereo; Alfred Hitchcock; Eugene Chadbourne; Big Sandy; jerry modjeski; The Musical Transportation Spree; The Platter Party
Downloads: 42
[audio]Best of UFO Update Volume One - Jerry Modjeski
The Cash-Landrum Incident in 1980 involved a deadly close encounter with a huge UFO in Texas. Researcher John Schuessler details the documented witness physical effects and the official cover-up, interviewed by Jerry Modjeski on the year 2000 anniversary. Actor Charles Brin ("Grumpy Old Men," "A Serious Man" & "The Naked Man") reads Charles Fort; Two chapter radio serial The Adventures of Captain Ruppelt, who brought the initials "U.F.O." to national attention in the 1950s...
Keywords: Cash-Landrum; Charles Fort; Ruppelt; UFO; UFO Update; ScorchedEar; John Schuessler; Charles Brin; Stuart Mathews; KFAI; Jerry Modjeski; The Musical Transportation Spree; La Sonorite Jaune
Downloads: 177
[audio]Flying Saucer Songs Part 1 - Jerry Modjeski
Jerry plays records about UFOs and Flying Saucers with co-host Webcor, alien from Planet X. Music from the 1940s to present, from "We're Going UFOing" by Jimmy Durante to Brave Combo's "Flying Saucer Polka," "Take Me to Your Leader Cha-Cha" by Sam Space and the Cadets, with The Ran-Dells' "Martian Hop" and many more! Broadcast on KFAI, 7-7-01; part one of two. www.scorchedear.com
Keywords: UFOs; Flying Saucers; Flying Saucer songs; The Musical Transportation Spree; Jerry Modjeski; ScorchedEar; UFO Update; KFAI; Jimmy Durante; Brave Combo; The Ran-Dells; Buchanan and Goodman
Downloads: 195 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]The Platter Party Part Two - Jerry Modjeski
Part 2 of 3: Records about Records, DJs & Jukeboxes: "Jukebox in the Study Hall," "Stoned at the Jukebox," Perry Como's "Juke Box Baby," & Hardrock Gunter's "Jukebox Help Me Find my Baby." Songs about the 1948 Petrillo recording ban. Disc dialog on TV's Perry Mason, Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Bonus, not part of KFAI broadcast 6-8-01: Jimmie Newman & Woody Martin (DJ For a Day); Don Bowman (Hello DJ); Dick Biondi; Joe South (Juke Box); Dick Curless (Put a Nickel in the Jukebox); Cook Bros...
Keywords: The Platter Party; KFAI; ScorchedEar; records; disc jockeys; hi-fi; stereo; Alfred Hitchcock; jukebox; record ban; KFAI; Jerry Modjeski; Joe South; Dick Biondi; Perry Mason; Perry Como; Johnny Bond; Big Sandy; The Harmonicats; Dick Curless
Downloads: 92
[audio]Mechanical Spider Clinic, Volume 3 - Jerry Modjeski
Satirical buyer-beware advice; TV Guise previews; Grandpa Ravi's Tackle Pal sponsors Hook Line & Sinker (fishy forecasts on your tube); Bogey Humphart & Lauren Becool star in "To Have and Half Crocked"; 2nd movie spoof "The Tar Baby Brigade," hired mercenaries on a suicide mission; ad for G.I. Frothing Joe dolls; Glandma's Cookies; Lazlo sees a shrink; Skogmo parts 6 & 7. Featuring the talents of Dexter; Andy Mayer; Rob Shapiro; Leigh Bowser; Diana Swan; Alice Phoenix; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; B...
Keywords: Jerry Modjeski; Bat Lenny; KFAI; The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Chuck Isle; Andy Mayer; ScorchedEar; Rob Shapiro; Leigh Bowser; Alice Phoenix; Bob Rynkiewicz; Mark Masyga; Diana Swan; comedy; satire; TV Guise; fake ads; movies; Humphrey Bogart; Lauren Bacall; To Have and Have Not; G.I. Joe
Downloads: 70
[audio]UFO Update Vol VI - Jerry Modjeski
The Oz Factor, dreams of UFOs with TV's Mister Ed & The Wheel of Fortune, movie excerpts; readings from Whitley Strieber's Transformation; Larry Warren's Left at East Gate; Other Tongues, Other Flesh by contactee George Hunt Williamson (1953); The Space Ship Under the Apple Tree, an illustrated children's book by Louis Slobodkin (1952). From the Texufornia Kook Out, visions of Jesus, Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter; near-death & out-of-body experiences...
Keywords: UFO Update; Kook Out; The Musical Transportation Spree; ScorchedEar; Chris Waterbury; Whitley Strieber; Larry Warren; George Hunt Williamson; Robert Hunter; Jerry Garcia; Jesus; Sun Ra; near death; out of body; after life; aliens; UFOs; abductions; Barney Hill; Peter Stenshoel; Greg Bishop; Robert Larson; Paul Rydeen; Adam Gorightly; Patrick Babcock; La Sonorite Jaune; Heather Perkins; paranormal; Kim Darby; William Shatner; Oz factor; David Jacobs; Brent Raynes; Gregory Little; Tales of the Great Rum Runners; Left at East Gate; Rendlesham; Carl Stalling; Raymond Scott; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI
Downloads: 120
[audio]The Clown Show - Jerry Modjeski
Absurd amount of ridiculous records about clowns. Sponsored by Berserkenstock Clown Shoes; Clown Clone Cologne; Mr. Circus Peanut. Part One, Prologue: TV Clowns from The Twilight Zone; One Step Beyond; Pennywise Theme from Stephen King's "It"; Sammy Davis Jr.; Kate Micucci; Music of Teddy Randazzo; Johnny Burnette; Phananganang; "Shakes the Clown" dialog. Pt. 2: Funny & sad clown songs; Bizarre close encounters of the clown kind; Records by Enrico Caruso; The Dickies; Homer & Jethro (w/ Spike Jo...
Keywords: Clowns; scorchedear; Little City in Space; Bill Prosser; Bruce Woolley; Peter Stenshoel; Mike Nilsson; Crust; Negativland; John Wayne Gacy; Crispin Glover; The Kinks; Dead Kennedys; Elvis Costello; Elvis Presley; Another Flask of Weird; Mark Masyga; William Shatner; Stephen King; Enrico Caruso; Spike Jones; The Yardbirds; Jean Shepherd; Kate Micucci; Firesign Theatre; Danger Man; Charles Mingus; Jerry Lewis; Twilight Zone; Chuck Isle; Stuart Mathews; Der Plan; The Residents; Sammy Davis Jr; The Dickies; Boiled in Lead; Liberace; Bozo the Clown; Larry Harmon; Conway Twitty; Pete Schimming; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI; The Musical Transportation Spree
Downloads: 166
[audio]Radio Plays by Jerry Modjeski - Jerry Modjeski
DICK FUTURE (1984) Presidential satire with a JFK sound-alike, a handsome stooge, and a power broker who backs their bid for the White House. Featuring the talents of Charles Brin, Leigh Bowser, Kay Kirscht, Andy Schultz, Greg Mathieson, Bernard Olson, Chris Waterbury, Miriam Stonehill, Peter Stenshoel, Chuck Isle, Mark Masyga, Chris Smith. Music by Bat Lenny. Broadcast November 5, 1984 on KFAI, Minneapolis-St...
Keywords: Charles Brin; Leigh Bowser; Jerry Modjeski; Michael Packer; Grand Rapids MI; ScorchedEar; Bat Lenny; Gene Traas; Kay Kirscht; Miriam Stonehill; Peter Stenshoel; Jerry modjeski; Chris Waterbury; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; Chris Smith; Bat Lenny; The Blank; Dick Future
Downloads: 29
[audio]Mechanical Spider Clinic, Volume 1 - Jerry Modjeski
Magazine-style show of skits with characters as bizarre as its moniker. Trick or treaters encounter Lazlo Morbid, "who could be lurking next door to you"; Exploits of "Touch" Skogmo, Pre-K Van Driver; Bomb Theater spoofs 1950s movie sci-fi in "Hot Rods From Outer Space"; ads for The Drooling Angst Pit; Liquid Executioner; Saint Watermain Place; Howie "Slug-It-Again" Bones Wonder-Bod; Dubb's More Gas Board & Restaurant; Chez Bob's Detail Recount Stores; Capt.Wink's Circular Potato Chains...
Keywords: Jerry Modjeski; Andy Schultz; Kay Kirscht; KFAI; ScorchedEar; Bat Lenny; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; satire; The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Marc Myers; TV Guise; fake ads; Lazlo Morbid
Downloads: 44
[audio]The Platter Party Part One - Jerry Modjeski
Part One of three: Stack of records about records, old records, Magic Record, Broken Record, Big 10 Inch; Stay Up Stan (The All-Night Record Man), Jumpin' at the Record Shop. Songs about disc jockeys, Victrola, hi-fi & stereo. Comedy about records by Robert Klein, Stan Freberg, Pat Buttram, Spike Jones & Eddie Lawrence. Also featuring Slim Gaillard, King Pleasure, Teddy McRae, Irma Thomas, Peter Lind Hayes, Peter Stenshoel, John Hartford, Stonewall Jackson, Ernest Ashworth, Willie Nelson, Merle ...
Keywords: The Platter Party; ScorchedEar; records; disc jockeys; hi-fi; stereo; The Musical Transportation Spree; Jerry Modjeski; Spike Jones; Stan Freberg; KFAI; Eddie Lawrence; Robert Klein; Slim Gaillard; Pat Buttram; radio; victrola; disc jockeys; Willie Nelson; Bonnie Owens; John Hartford; Stonewall Jackson; Merle Haggard; Peter Stenshoel; King Pleasure; Teddy McRae
Downloads: 110
[audio]UFO Update Vol. V: Alien Visitors - Jerry Modjeski
Real reports of close encounters with alien entities from Jerry Modjeski's UFO Update on The Musical Transportation Spree (KFAI, Mpls-St.Paul). Findings of researcher-authors David M. Jacobs Ph.D; Dr. John Mack M.D.; Raymond Fowler with MUFON field investigators Beverly Trout; William McNeff; Craig Lang; Mike Driscoll. Also featuring Stuart Mathews; Chris Waterbury; Betty Andreasson-Luca; Bob Luca; Becky Andreasson; Leslie Eaton; Rebecca Swim; Usward; La Sonorite Jaune; The Weird Winonans...
Keywords: abduction; scorchedear; Mufon; Jerry Modjeski; Stuart Mathews; Chris Waterbury; John Mack; David Jacobs; Art Bell; Rebecca Swim; Raymond Fowler; Usward; The Weird Winonans; The Musical Transportation Spree; William McNeff; Betty Andreasson-Luca; Bob Luca; KFAI; Craig Lang; La Sonorite Jaune; radio; Leslie Eaton; Rebecca Swim; Mike Driscoll; UFO; alien; aliens; UFO Update
Downloads: 199
[audio]Tarzan's Iowa Adventure - Jerry Modjeski
More radio parody from the warped Mechanical Spider Clinic. Bomb Theater movie matinee: Tarzan's Iowa Adventure; from the tube The Schlockford Files. Revolting scum-of-the-earth Lazlo Morbid; TV Guise Update with Peter (Little City in Space) Stenshoel, Mark Masyga, Chuck Isle. Fake ads for The Uneven Arms Alarm Clock Palace, J. Edgar Hoover Vacuum, Bash-A-Limb Contact Limbs, Clobber City. Voices of Kay Kirscht, John Darling...
Keywords: Jerry Modjeski; scorchedear; James Garner; Mickey Rooney; Andy Hardy; satire; parody; fake ads; The Rockford Files; Tarzan; Bat Lenny; Another Flask of Weird; Little City in Space; Mark Masyga; Chuck Isle; Peter Stenshoel; Kay Kirscht; John Darling; KFAI; Mechanical Spider Clinic
Downloads: 13
[audio]UFO Update IV: Crop Circles; Bigfoot - Jerry Modjeski
Nancy Talbott studies electromagnetic after-effects in crop formations; In Wisconsin, Chad Lewis reports of a witness watching circles being formed; Linda Moulten Howe examines light phenomena & intentions; Pennsylvania investigator Stan Gordon recounts cases of bigfoot & UFOs; Chad provides Native Americans' perspectives of negative bigfoot encounters; lifelong experiencer Carl Meiers describes seeing two sasquatch near Iron Mountain, Michigan in 1955...
Keywords: Scorchedear; Stan Gordon; Nancy Talbott; Chad Lewis; Carl Meiers; Linda Moulten Howe; sasquatch; Crop Circles; UFO; Bigfoot; UFO Update; Jerry Modjeski; Musical Transportation Spree; KFAI; paranormal
Downloads: 106
[audio]Mechanical Spider Clinic, Volume 5 - Jerry Modjeski
Original satire with a twisted take on Prairie Home Companion: Parasite Home Companion stars Lazlo Morbid singing Curdled Milk Biscuit commercial & Broadway show tunes; Movie parodies "Taraunchyla!" plus Charles Brin portrays Sherlock Holmes in WWII intrigue versus The Spider Lady & Rondo Hatton, The Creeper. TV Guise verbal mambo & mumbo with fake ads. Bonus music cues from past MSC productions: Danny Phantom (Brian Anderson); Hot Rods From Outer Space (Bat Lenny, tracks 17-20)...
Keywords: Charles Brin; Beryl Greenberg; Brian Anderson; Andy Schultz; Bob Rynkiewicz; Mark Masyga; Chuck Isle; Peter Stenshoel; Rob Shapiro; Leigh Bowser; Diana Swan; The Mechanical Spider Clinic; Jerry Modjeski; Bat Lenny; Sherlock Holmes; Prairie Home Companion; KFAI; ScorchedEar; comedy; satire; fake ads; TV Guise; Rondo Hatton; Little City in Space
Downloads: 69
[audio]The Poppa Neutrino Show - Jerry Modjeski
David Pearlman (1933-2011) lived in North Beach with Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsberg as friends. As Poppa Neutrino, Pearlman built rafts constructed from scrap to navigate the Atlantic Ocean & Mississippi River. When he was sick with rabies & needed money for drugs, he formed a street band called The Flying Neutrinos that went on to unlikely success; New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson's book, "The Happiest Man in the World" chronicled Poppa's fascinating, unpredictable life...
Keywords: The Happiest Man in the World; The Flying Neutrinos; Jack Kerouac; Allen Ginsberg; New Orleans; New X Art; Poppa Neutrino; Ingrid Lucia; Doc Cheatham; Billy Curmano; Peter Stenshoel; ScorchedEar; Jerry Modjeski; David Pearlman; Alec Wilkinson; Chris Waterbury; Ron Reimer; Edith Piaf; North Beach; Beat Generation; jazz; Mary Tyler Moore; Mississippi River; Atlantic Ocean crossing by raft; New Yorker Magazine
Downloads: 36
[audio]Best of UFO Update Volume Two - Jerry Modjeski
Strange phenomena in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texufornia & Bologna, Italy; UFO close encounter in the Boundary Waters Gunflint Trail by Charles Huver Ph.D; Carl Meiers describes his lifetime of paranormal experiences; Judge Sam Masdon witnesses seances, discusses ouija boards & ghosts; on the same topics, Greg Bishop, Robert Larson, Peter Stenshoel of The Excluded Middle Kook Out overnight on the high desert, meet friends from Elf Infested Spaces & Crash Collusion Magazine...
Keywords: UFOs; UFO Update; ghosts; ouija boards; ScorchedEar; Greg Bishop; Robert Larson; Peter Stenshoel; Jerry Modjeski; Craig Lang; KFAI; The Excluded Middle; Kook Out; Sam Masdon; Charles Huver; seance; abduction; paranormal; La Sonorite Jaune; Chris Waterbury; Art Bell; Dr. J. Allen Hynek; John Greenewald; Gunflint Trail; Boundary Waters; Paul Rydeen; Adam Gorightly; Elf Infested Spaces; Crash Collusion; death; after life; life after death; Betty Luca Andreasson; Rod Serling; Stanton T. Friedman; The Musical Transportation Spree
Downloads: 140
[audio]UFO Update Volume 7: The Missing Times & The Black Vault - Jerry Modjeski
UFO Update, a show within a show on The Musical Transportation Spree, KFAI (Mpls-St. Paul), interviewed author Terry Hansen (The Missing Times) on UFOs over nuclear missile silos, and news censorship policies implemented in response to panic created by Orson Welles' 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast. Researcher John (Unsealed: Alien Files) Greenewald Jr. used the Freedom of Information Act to find how much the U.S...
Keywords: UFO Update; scorchedear; Terry Hansen; John Greenewald Jr; Unsealed: Alien Files; The Black Vault; The Missing Times; Orson Welles; War of the Worlds; flying saucers; aliens; The Musical Transportation Spree; Chris Waterbury; La Sonorite Jaune; censorship; cover up; UFO; Update; Jerry Modjeski; MTS; KFAI
Downloads: 58
[audio]AnotherFlaskofWeird-Show#35- March 26, 1983 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
Ho-dad bop (Air), ethereal honky-tonk (Pee Wee King) & progressive bunny hop (Aksak Maboul), TV-Radio Previews, ad for sex toy show at the Minneapolis Bawdy-torium. Also Dream Syndicate, Little Feat, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, Dave Dudley. AFOW aired on KFAI before Johnny (Good n' Country) Fields' show, he makes a cameo appearance.
Keywords: ScorchedEar; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; Johnny Fields; radio; Another Flask of Weird; fake ads; KFAI; TV previews; Air; Pee Wee King; Little Feat; Dream Syndicate; Frank Zappa; Dave Dudley; Aksak Maboul; Iggy Pop
Downloads: 27
[audio]Random Access 01 14 1984 - Jerry Modjeski & Marc Myers
Randomly access this old radio show from KFAI Minneapolis-St. Paul. Marc & Jerry's collages, home tape loops (Taping Your Brains Out Out-Takes), Craig Swanson (Alien Man), The Downliners Sect (Glendora). Sponsored by The Batter-Operated Fish Boss.
Keywords: Random Access; scorchedear; Marc Myers; Craig Swanson; cassette; home tapers; Taping Your Brains Out; fake ads; The Downliners Sect; sound collage; experimental; Frothing at the Beaker; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI
Downloads: 4
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird November 13, 1982 - Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle
KFAI FM radio roulette of cryptic slogans for sponsors Nimba Tang's Fish & Slang; The Clever Rodent Cafe; Les Baxter LP liner notes. Music: Chuck's "All Wet" set; Twin Cities new wave band The Eyes, and phone interview of then-member Brian Anderson, future host of ZXQ Universe (1990-93) with Chuck; this, their first encounter. Also featuring Mark Masyga (on tape), Brian & Chuck's ZXQ partner.
Keywords: The Eyes; Mark Masyga; Scorchedear; KFAI; Chuck Isle; Another Flask of Weird; Brian Anderson; Les Baxter; new wave; Minneapolis; Jerry Modjeski; fake ads; ZXQ Universe
Downloads: 27
[audio]Random Access 01 05 1985 - Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle
Frothing at the Beaker, eclectic late-nite radio featuring home tapers Bat Lenny (October 31st, Alien, Eyes Are Dry, Floral Drive, Flaming Round Doorways, Deep Six). New music by Bomis Prendin, The Ghostwriters, Harold Budd-Brian Eno, Chas Smith, The Soldiers Who Brought Magazines. Bonus tracks by Bat Lenny-Jerry Modjeski (Grass); Marc Myers (The Model, A War You Cannot Win), bloopers with Mark Masyga...
Keywords: Random Access; Frothing at the Beaker; Scorchedear; Chuck Isle; Bat Lenny; Marc Myers; Mark Masyga; home tapers; cassette culture; Bomis Prendin; The Ghostwriters; Harold Budd; Brian Eno; Chas Smith; The Soldiers Who Brought Magazines; experimental; Jerry Lejman; Kraftwerk; XTC; Chris Waterbury; Bernard Olson; Stegor; Greg Mathieson; Marc Thompson; Der Plan; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI
Downloads: 7
[audio]Another Flask of Weird 02-19-1983 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
AFOW starts with quintessential wake-up Gong song, after Drew (Adrenalin Solution) Miller's guest is quelled. United to last half of 3-12-83, this represents a full-length AFOW, sponsored by The Clever Rodent Cafe: Songs for the Space Age. Also Peter Gabriel, Mitch Miller, Gary Windo, Tom Waits, It's a Beautiful Day, The Left Banke, Colosseum, Blancmange, Khan. Beatlesque set with The Knickerbockers, Nilsson, David Bowie, Utopia, Badfinger, Brian Eno, Love Sculpture, Capt...
Keywords: Gong; Colosseum; Khan; Blancmange; The Knickerbockers; Nilsson; David Bowie; Utopia; Badfinger; Brian Eno; Love Sculpture; Capt. Beefheart; The Monkees; Johnny Fields; Buddy Emmons; Buddy Spicher; The Beatles; Bob Wills; Hank Snow; Scorchedear; KFAI; Jerry Modjeski; Drew Miller; Chuck Isle; sound collage; Another Flask of Weird; The Ventures; It's a Beautiful Day; The Left Banke; Peter Gabriel; Mitch Miller; Gary Windo; Tom Waits
Downloads: 16
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 10 15 1983 Part 3 - Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle
Part 3 of 3; conclusion of Another Flask of Weird show on KFAI Minneapolis, sponsored by Lackey Momentum Shoes. In a remix, The King now pays tribute to the late Joe South (1940-2012); Spike Jones spoofs TV private eyes & Lawrence Welk; Johnny (Good n' Country) Fields pops up for quips.
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; Spike Jones; Johnny Fields; Elvis Presley; Joe South; fake ads; Lawrence Welk; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; KFAI
Downloads: 6
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird October 23, 1982 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
Montage of clips from the irreverent morning show on KFAI-FM Minneapolis, hosted by bozos who played records at the wrong speed, read fake ads, and gave new meanings to the word "dorky." Burt Bacharach sing-along; Belafonte liner notes; Captain Beefheart; "naked" remix of Mama Steve's Rumba Toast; Akiko Yano tape from Japan (sent by Peter Stenshoel); Guest Mark Masyga meets Chuck Isle (they would later co-host ZXQ Universe in 1990); Andy Schultz; Debut of Johnny Fields' program, GOOD'N'COUNTRY, ...
Keywords: ScorchedEar; ZXQ Universe; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; Mark Masyga; Andy Schultz; Johnny Fields; Akiko Yano; fake ads; Captain Beefheart; George Jones; Peter Stenshoel; KFAI; Another Flask of Weird; Minneapolis
Downloads: 34
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 08 06 1983 - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
Vintage Saturday morning FM variety from KFAI, Minneapolis. Chuck & Jerry provide TV previews; music by Mike Roden, Charles Mingus, The Doobie Brothers, Spike Jones & his Country Cousins, Speedy West, The Yardbirds, Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Ventures, Love Sculpture, Spike Jones Jr., Zal Yanovsky. Opening of Good n' Country with host Johnny Fields featuring Jethro Burns & Tiny Moore. Bonus AFOW song set by Chuck; ads for Heath of the Jungle Anti-Perspirant; Hi-Fiber Cellulogs...
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; Scorchedear; AFOW; Bill Bader; Mark Masyga; Mike Roden; Charles Mingus; The Doobie Brothers; Spike Jones; Spike Jones Jr; Speedy West; The Yardbirds; Les Paul; Mary Ford; The Ventures; Dave Edmunds; Zal Yanovsky; Jethro Burns; Johnny Fields; Tiny Moore; fake ads; Another Flask of Weird; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle
Downloads: 31
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 10 15 1983 Part 1 - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
Part 1 of 3. Chuck & Jerry's Wake Up South Side sponsored by Mepps Liquor Pit, preceded by utility noises created for AFOW. Records include The Guckenheimer Sauerkraut Band; Anthony Braxton; Spike Jones; Henry Kaiser & Fred Frith; Good God; Frank Zappa; Dr. John; Shockabilly. Also featuring the talents of Jim Masyga.
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; scorchedear; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; Anthony Braxton; Spike Jones; Fred Frith; Henry Kaiser; fake ads; KFAI; collage; sound collage; experimental; Frank Zappa; Dr. John; Shockabilly; Good God; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; KFAI
Downloads: 12
[audio]More Beer! The Beer Show #2 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
Hosts Chuck & Jerry pour over another flask of beer tunes, "I Can't Get my Foot Off The Rail," "How Many Burps in a Bottle of Beer?" "A Swimming Pool Full of Beer," "Seven Beers With the Wrong Man," "51 Beers," and "Beer Can Widowed Wife." Songs about beer by Fear, Frank Zappa, Bonnie Blue Eyes, Louis Prima, Ian Whitcomb, George Jones, Black Flag, The Grateful Dead, Bob Wills, The Replacements, Whoopee John, Beck, Slim Dusty, Sheb Wooley, The Andrews Sisters and more...
Keywords: ScorchedEar; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; beer; Another Flask of Weird; Stockhausen; UFO Update; Frank Zappa; The Grateful Dead; The Replacements; George Jones; Ian Whitcomb; The Musical Transportation Spree; Little City in Space; Bob Wills; Black Flag; Louis Prima; Fear; Beck; Andrews Sisters; Slim Dusty; J. Allen Hynek; UFOs; flying saucers; Firesign Theatre; Sheb Wooley; Whoopee John
Downloads: 164
[audio]Another Flask of Weird Sept 18, 1982 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
KFAI Mpls aircheck: Zappa-Beefheart radio rarities Frank DJs; Sponsors: Beet Rotundo Brand Banana-Shaped Soap Substitute; Chez Bob's Detail Recount Store. Mockumentary: The Chow Ming Lee Schwartz Communist Chinese Polka Band (extended version) with movie preview "Godzilla Vs. The USPS." Also featuring the talents of Mark Masyga.
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; ScorchedEar; Frank Zappa; Captain Beefheart; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; Mark Masyga; fake ads; satire; polka; Mothers of Invention; Godzilla
Downloads: 55
[audio]Weird Saturdays # 2 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
Another Flask of Weird aircheck roulette. Head shop jingle by Jerry Lejman 12-11-82, collages Mrs. Robinsinatra, I'm Cleaning my Bathroom Bowl, The Art of Mating 6-11-83. Set: "Why" from Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. 1 by Minneapolis' The Accents; Ruben & The Jets, "Stuff Up the Cracks" with the late Ray Collins, Frank Zappa; "Drowning" by John Entwistle. The TV Set Exploded! "Tropical" set: The Residents, The Toy Lovers, Gaby Pahinui, Hank Snow & Anita Carter, Charley Pride, Buddy Morrow, Spike ...
Keywords: Scorchedear; Weird Saturdays; KFAI; collage; experimental; Jerry Lejman; AFOW; Ray Collins; Frank Zappa; John Entwistle; The Accents; Big Hits of Mid America; Minneapolis; Steve Kramer; The Wallets; Hank Snow; Anita Carter; Charley Pride; Gaby Pahinui; Buddy Morrow; Spike Jones; The Toy Lovers; The Residents; Weird Saturdays; Ruben and the Jets; Another Flask of Weird; KFAI; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle
Downloads: 33
[audio]Musical Transportation Spree: The Dylan Show - Jerry Modjeski; Dean DeHarpporte
During the 40th anniversary of Bob Dylan's first 1961 appearance at Gerde's Folk City in NYC, The Musical Transportation Spree's two hour Dylan Show examines his greatest compositions with rare audio, guided by the authoritative Art of Bob Dylan book by Michael Gray. KFAI Mpls-St.Paul broadcast, hosts, admitted "Dylan freak" Dean DeHarpporte with Jerry Modjeski www.scorchedear.com. Originally aired April 14, 2001...
Keywords: Dylan; Bob Dylan; Scorchedear; Musical Transportation Spree; KFAI; Babs Economon; Danger Man; Friday Night Poker Party; Michael Gray; The Art of Bob Dylan; Gerde's Folk City; Jerry Modjeski; Dean DeHarpporte
Downloads: 94
[audio]Another Flask of Weird 1982-0821 Hour 2 - Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle
Chuck & Jerry make observations from 10-9-82 aircheck fragments; out-take of Thundering Meat Ad; unfinished Comedy Clinic #3. 8-21-82: Neil Diamond liner notes; The Easy Chair featuring Pat Boone & Frank Zappa; Glenn Miller Orchestra Returns! First ad for Chez Bob's Detail Recount Store (Jerry's version); The Comedy Clinic #2. KFAI Minneapolis.
Keywords: Another Flask Of Weird; KFAI; scorchedear; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; comedy; KFAI; Frank Zappa; Glenn Miller; Neil Diamond; fake ads
Downloads: 25
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 11 05 1983 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
Minneapolis mayhem's farewell to Wake Up South Side. AFOW's icons on KFAI turntable: Fred Frith; National Health; Sun Ra; NRBQ; The Shadows; The Strangers; The Monkees; Capt. Beefheart; Daevid Allen; Marty Robbins; Eugene Chadbourne; Syd Barrett; Giles, Giles & Fripp; Dagmar Krause. Also TV Previews; ads for Oochie Baba Cone Cups; Mr. Skin. Voices by Renee Bergstrom, Bill Bader, Jeff Saylor, G.P. Skratz...
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; Scorchedear; Dagmar Krause; Johnny Fields; Bill Bader; Renee Bergstrom; Captain Beefheart; G.P. Skratz; Fred Frith; Sun Ra; NRBQ; The Shadows; The Monkees; fake ads; Daevid Allen; National Health; Eugene Chadbourne; Marty Robbins; Syd Barrett; Giles, Giles & Fripp; Laurindo Almeida; Charlie Byrd; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; KFAI
Downloads: 10
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 09 24 1983 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
KFAI FM Minneapolis A.M. Saturday sponsored by The Dapper Brain. Broadcast on Jerry's 23rd birthday, bonus collage "September" created for his 53rd. Guest Leigh Bowser shares tape by Gareth Downs of The Wallets. Also heard Roy Wood's Wizzard, The Surfaris, Will Lebold, Fred Frith & Henry Kaiser, The Young Lions, The Amazing Rhythm Aces, Sonny James, Johnny Cash. Johnny Fields' Good n' Country features Johnny Gimble instrumentals, and Patsy Cline (Johnny Fields once played in her back-up band).
Keywords: Scorchedear; Leigh Bowser; Johnny Fields; The Wallets; Gareth Downs; Roy Wood; The Surfaris; Will Lebold; Fred Frith; Henry Kaiser; The Young Lions; The Amazing Rhythm Aces; Sonny James; Johnny Cash; Patsy Cline; Minneapolis; collage; home tapers; cassette; Another Flask of Weird; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; KFAI
Downloads: 13
[audio]Little City In Space Farther Out 1989-1122 - Stuart Mathews, Jerry Modjeski
The Farther Out portion aired on KFAI (Minneapolis-St. Paul) after the syndicated series of Little City in Space. LCS' two hour time slot allowed this second hour a chance for different approaches to programming. Aircheck from November 11, 1989, features hosts Stu and Jerry playing quirky and/or fun music, followed by an oddly brilliant sound collage.
Keywords: Little City in Space; sound collage; Post-Void Radio Theater; Jerry Modjeski; Stu Mathews; scorchedear; KFAI; Little City in Space Farther Out; Brian Anderson
Downloads: 51
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 07 30 1983 First Anniversary Show - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
KFAI-FM's AFOW birthday bash best song sequences, ads for Giant Yonkers Magnet Warehouse, Swivel-Lee (Ventriloquism with Food), Swing Hoist Meat Cookie (Wayne Mix), Uncle Mama's Bean Chips, and two sex toy shows. Music by The Toy Lovers, Soft Machine, John Cage, Flask favorites Gary Windo (1941-1992), Daevid Allen; Twisted TV previews; tickets to Joel Hodgson at First Avenue. Voices by Mark Masyga, Bill Bader.
Keywords: ScorchedEar; Another Flask of Weird; KFAI; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; fake ads; Wayne Modjeski; Joel Hodgson; TV Guise; The Toy Lovers; Soft Machine; Gary Windo; Daevid Allen; Mark Masyga; John Cage; First Avenue; Minneapolis
Downloads: 18
[audio]Another Flask of Weird August 28, 1982 - Chuck Isle & Jerry Modjeski
Excerpts Sat. 6-9 a.m. KFAI Mpls. Eclectic music mix: Philip Glass, National Health, League of Gentlemen, The Herd (featuring Peter Frampton), Sun Ra, The Monkees. Cut-up audio, fake commercials: Magic Gesticulations Shampoo; coming attractions for the movie "Conan, the Hanna-Barberian."
Keywords: ScorchedEar; radio; KFAI; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; Sun Ra; Another Flask of Weird; Minneapolis; The Monkees; fake ads; Philip Glass; National Health; League of Gentlemen; Peter Frampton; Conan
Downloads: 32
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 02-12-1983 - Jerry Modjeski, Chuck Isle
Lost AFOW radio recovered; Soft Cell, Gabor Szabo, Crash Course in Science, The Eyes, St. John Green, The Old Sow Song, Sauter-Finegan's Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong, Rod Steiger singing. Also Charles the Poet, Pete Rugolo, Al Dexter, The Shovel by The Gaylords. Tune in (KFAI, Minneapolis) Turn on (Everybody must get stoned) Drop-ins (audio), Drop outs (pardon our ancient oxide rust particles).
Keywords: scorchedear; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; Soft Cell; Gabor Szabo; St. John Green; Rod Steiger; The Gaylords; Bob and Ray; KFAI; Al Dexter; Crash Course in Science; Another Flask of Weird; Minneapolis; The Eyes; Sauter-Finegan; Pete Rugolo
Downloads: 21
[audio]Weird Saturdays #1 - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
Deep catalog offbeat Saturday morning air checks & collages from Another Flask of Weird, Don Williams, William S. Burroughs, Bill Nelson, Jerry & Chuck's dreams, John Entwistle, Ventures in Space (Keith Moon's favorite), George Rock, Tiny Tim. Chuck contrasts Gentle Giant(s); songs about Saturday by Lefty Frizzell, King Crimson. Material from December 4, 1982, July 16 and 23, October 1, 1983, KFAI Minneapolis...
Keywords: Scorchedear; Weird Saturdays; KFAI; Mark Masyga; William Burroughs; dreams; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; sound collage; Another Flask of Weird; dreams; John Entwistle; Bill Nelson; The Ventures; Keith Moon; Paul Frees; Tiny Tim; Gentle Giant; George Rock; Lefty Frizzell; King Crimson
Downloads: 20
[audio]Another Flask of Weird - Show #38 part 2 - 1983-0416 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
April 16, 1983 Part 2 of 2. T. Rex; XTC; TV schedule; Zappa; cold pizza; hot C&W by Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Tom T. Hall, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, Joe South, Dave Edmunds; records by The Tikis, The Monkees, The Great Society. Ad for Nimba Tang's Fish & Slang #2. Also featuring the talents of Mark Masyga. Broadcast KFAI, Minneapolis.
Keywords: radio; ScorchedEar; Another Flask of Weird; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; fake ads; T.Rex; country music; KFAI; TV previews; Tom T. Hall; Ray Price; Willie Nelson; Merle Haggard; George Jones; Joe South; Lefty Frizzell; The Tikis; The Monkees; The Great Society; Frank Zappa; Dave Edmunds; Mark Masyga
Downloads: 47
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 06 18 1983 Part 2 - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
Pt 2. Jean Luc/George Duke play Zappa. Darol Anger, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the Twin Cities' trippy Mighty Malcolm with Egg Men Creatures, Angelo Spumoni, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, Subject to Change. David Stenshoel (Boiled in Lead) appears at closing with Khmer Perez Prado tape. Johnny Fields opens with Opry stars Weldon Myrick, Hal Rugg & Sonny Burnett. KFAI, Minneapolis.
Keywords: Another Flask of Weird; KFAI; ScorchedEar; Johnny Fields; Darol Anger; Penguin Cafe Orchestra; Perez Prado; Frank Zappa; George Duke; jean Luc Ponty; Malcolm; Brian Anderson; Angelo Spumoni; David Stenshoel; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; Subject to Change; Boiled in Lead; Grand Ol Opry; Sonny Burnett; Weldon Myrick; Hal Rugg; Syd Barrett; Pink Floyd
Downloads: 23
[audio]Another Flask Of Weird 06 18 1983 Part 1 - Chuck Isle, Jerry Modjeski
Pt. 1. Saturday AM Summer FM: PM Gong, Allan Holdsworth, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Syd Barrett, Ventures, Pat Metheny. Chez Bob's Detail Recount Store Fathers Day Sale; 1960s set with Simon/Garfunkle, The McCoys, Love, Spanky & Our Gang, Blue Note jazz of Jackie McLean. Chuck & Jerry's TV Glide sponsored by Listen to the Bandsaw & 10,000 Auto Harps. Also music by Duke Ellington & Kaleidoscope...
Keywords: Scorchedear; KFAI; Jerry Modjeski; Chuck Isle; Duke Ellington; Another Flask of Weird; Fleetwood Mac; Jefferson Airplane; Syd Barrett; The Ventures; Kaleidoscope; Jackie McLean; Paul Simon; Art Garfunkle; Love; Spanky and Our Gang; The McCoys; PM Gong; Pat Metheny
Downloads: 25
[audio]Another Flask of Weird - Show #43 part 1 - 1983-0521 - Jerry Modjeski & Chuck Isle
May 21, 1983 (Part 1 of 2) Minneapolis' KFAI Wake Up Southside, Saturday 6-9 a.m. typical weird playlist: Zappa's "Return of the Son of Monster Magnet"; "I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie" by Jill Kroesen; Home & Garden (Pere Ubu side project); synth soundscapes by Brian Eno, Jerry Lejman; TV Previews; pick up ads for Instant Greg's Warm-Up Kits; The Annual Flat River Bottom Jam.
Keywords: radio; ScorchedEar; Another Flask of Weird; Chuck Isle; Jerry Modjeski; Frank Zappa; Pere Ubu; Jill Kroesen; Brian Eno; Jerry Lejman; fake ads; TV previews
Downloads: 31
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